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Insolit, customized lighting projects

The light is the reflection and "LA PERPI" is the element of the landscape. The luminary “LA PERPI” project was born of the need to illuminate a space in a garden where the light must be generated through the reflections so the light must be always indirect and must be the elements of the garden the ones that illuminate the different areas. This concept in a huge garden needs lots of spot lighting sources so the beacon designed contains a couple of adjustable spots to light the way with one source and to light the elements of the landscape with the other. Both spots work with different optics so we can focus the elements with the upper spot and we can light with a wide beam angle the way with de lower spot. We recognize this beacon as a part of the landscape so it is inspired by an ebony whose trunk is black inside and brown outside.

Martirià Figueras


Project designer: Martirià Figueras
Product designer: Jordi Mallorquí