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Insolit, projets d'éclairage sur mesure

Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower has become a reference point in the modern architecture at Barcelona city. Situated in Bellvitge neighbourhood, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, this huge building is characterized by its spaces, shape and illumination, which can be seen from far.

INSOLIT has a strong experience in quality lighting sector and has assume a renewal illumination procedure for an important hotel. For this process, INSOLIT has made custom-made lamps in association with GCA Architects, who has a pioneering technological system that can create striking atmospheres.

Spaces with high-quality lighting:

The hotel is designed for multiple uses, so it needs lamps that were able to create spaces with different illumination details. In this process, INSOLIT and GCA Architects gave life to the hotel’s illumination.

Custom-made lightings for external spaces:

Within the renewal procces, the hotel chase “Banus model” customized with the hotel’s logo, made with a laser printer. That model consists in a beaconing luminaire, developed to light the building. Besides, GCA Architects, developed a customized lamp that seems like floating lanterns, ubicated on the sheets of water.

Perfect lighting at the entrance step:

Between the two doors that give access to the interior of the tower, it was proposed to design a custom lamp representative of what the space means. For this, a totally unusual luminaire was designed creating slats with more than 10,000 points of light that create an impressive visual effect apparently that you are inside a fish tank of water drops more avatar world style than the real world.

Hall area with TR Down:

For the rest area that is in the reception of the hotel, a spectacular composition has been chosen with the TR Down model, a circular suspension that is already a classic of the INSOLIT brand and that has allowed to generate a canvas between all the luminaires creating a floating light ceiling to highlight this area within the gigantic space of the access area of the tower.

Exclusive Terrum Restaurant:

To finish the arrangement of luminaires inside the hotel, GCA Architects designs glass luminaires for the Terrum restaurant that do not leave anyone indifferent. They are giant luminaires with 2 glass cylinders that illuminate and decorate the restaurant giving a quality to the space worthy of making known to diners the quality of the food they are going to consume.

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