Designed & made in Barcelona

Project: ESTEVE Offices – BICG BIGG, an expert in organizations, through the Company Experience® aligns the company’s objectives with the reality experienced by its different audiences, using all available means in the most appropriate way and, above all, articulating them in an integrated manner.

They have chosen the TR Down luminaire, designed by Josep Lluis Xuclà, manufactured by INSOLIT, to illuminate the offices of the Esteve laboratories, in the new headquarters ,TORRE ESTEVE, inaugurated in 2018 in the Zona Franca of Barcelona. The laboratories occupy 10 of the 13 floors of the building and has meant the relocation of more than 400 employees. In addition, Torre Esteve has an A energy rating and Breeam Very good certification, standing out for its functionality, sustainability and energy savings, features that make this office complex a sustainable and unique business center in Barcelona. The areas chosen for the placement of our circular luminaire are mainly in the common areas, the dining room, corridors and some work offices. This lighting project combines warm tones of light 3000K with daylight tones 4000K depending on the need of each area. The lighting result is sensational and the groupings of these lamps separate the spaces according to the architect’s needs.

Products: Tr Down
Year of project: 2018
Designer: BICG
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