Designed & made in Barcelona

Insolit develops and manufactures this giant luminaire made of synthetic rattan. The designer wants to place this element as the main sculpture of this particular house to give it a point of exclusivity and to be seen from a distance as a landmark in the valley of Andorra.

This sphere design is an imposing element, highlighted by its position and its view from the outside. The custom-made design for the space is undoubtedly a work of art that leaves no one indifferent. For this work the designer wanted to reflect the exclusive atmosphere of the area and a differentiating point of design in the house, which would place it a point beyond the others that are located adjacent to it.

The luminaire is made to measure with main rings that run through 360º of the sphere both horizontally and vertically and in which the branches are joined to give it the shape that can be observed. The luminaire is a design that was made with a decorative and atmospheric purpose, rather than simply to illuminate an area or space, making it a special and recognizable place.

In addition, this can be glimpsed from any point, both with the lights on and off, being in both cases a spectacular and differentiating decoration.

Year of project: 2019
Designer: Enric Dilme
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