Designed & made in Barcelona

Insolit, whose experience in the design, manufacture and installation of luminaires is impeccable, has been in charge of changing part of the lighting at the Eurostars Aliados hotel, on Avenida dos Aliados, Porto. In this hotel, history and the avant-garde come together in a masterful way, in a building in line with the style that floods the city center. Luxury and modernism are factors that define the hotel and have been decisive in choosing Insolit as the company in charge of remodeling the lighting factor and lighting design of this environment.

Spaces with luminaires of the highest quality:

The hotel’s multiple uses allow for the creation of different environments with different decorative and lighting characteristics. In the remodeling, INSOLIT together with GCA Architects was in charge of bringing the hotel’s lighting to life.

Handcrafted and warm lighting for the foyer:

In one of the main halls, which connects to the entrance, a custom and personalized design of mushroom-shaped ceiling luminaires has been made that illuminates the entire space in an indirect way, reflecting the light at the top and this directing the light downwards. The character that the material gives it and the way it illuminates offer a warm and elegant atmosphere that makes the space pleasant for the client at all times. These handcrafted and locally manufactured luminaires are an exclusive and luxury product that without a doubt give a more differentiating point to this hotel.

In summary and to conclude, unique and unusual designs have been produced that illuminate and decorate the hotel, giving the space a quality worthy of the place where it is located.

Products: Custom products
Year of project: 2021
Designer: GCA Architects
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