Designed & made in Barcelona

Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower has become a benchmark of modern architecture in the city of Barcelona. Located in the Bellvitge neighborhood of the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, this large building stands out due to its spaces, shape and lighting capable of being spotted from miles away.

INSOLIT has vast experience in the field of lighting and has been the company responsible for remodeling part of the hotel’s lighting. For the renovation, they have created custom-made lamps in collaboration with GCA Architects, which have an innovative technological system, allowing them to create really striking and unusual environments. Spaces with the highest quality luminaires: The multiple uses that the hotel receives allow the creation of different atmospheres with different decorative and lighting characteristics.

In the remodeling, INSOLIT together with GCA Architects was in charge of bringing the hotel’s lighting to life. Custom-made luminaires for the exterior: As part of the new renovations for the hotel, it was proposed to install INSOLIT’s customized Banús model with the hotel’s logo laser-engraved on it, which is an adjustable beacon luminaire to illuminate the perimeter of the tower. In addition to this, the architectural firm in charge of the renovation, GCA Architects, designed a custom luminaire that simulates floating lanterns, located above the existing sheets of water.

INSOLIT has been responsible for manufacturing them, which has resulted in a space characterized by the effect of weightlessness, thanks to the symmetry of the luminaire that is reflected in the water. Perfect lighting in the entrance passage: Between the two doors that give access to the interior of the tower, it was proposed to design a custom lamp representative of what the space means. For this purpose, a totally unusual luminaire was designed, creating slats with more than 10,000 points of light that create an impressive visual effect by making it look like you are inside a fishbowl of water droplets, more in the style of the avatar world than the real world.

Hall area with TR Down: For the rest area located in the hotel reception, a spectacular composition has been chosen with the TR Down model, a circular suspension that is already a classic of the INSOLIT brand and that has allowed to generate a canvas between all the luminaires creating a ceiling of floating light to highlight this area within the gigantic space of the access area of the tower.

Exclusive Terrum Restaurant: To finish the arrangement of luminaires within the hotel, GCA Architects designed glass luminaires for the Terrum restaurant that leave no one indifferent. They are giant luminaires with 2 glass cylinders that illuminate and decorate the restaurant giving a quality to the space worthy of letting diners know the quality of the food they are going to eat.

Products: Banus Twice, TR Up, Tr Down, TR Huge, Glass
Year of project: 2021
Designer: GCA Architects
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