Designed & made in Barcelona

Custom TR – Installation of a custom TR Down for an office in the 8th arrondissement, Paris.

The custom design for this office in Paris by TR Down is an element that seeks to give a more modern touch to the room by combining the classic design of the environment with a modern luminaire. The contrast between the luminaire manufactured by Insolit and the space are the effect of the search to highlight the clash of reality of the past time and its forms with the renewed design of the XXI century, combining them in a unique and elegant space.

The TR Down with a direct light is designed with a specific measure so that it illuminates the entire space homogeneously and has an unbeatable quality of light that allows a perfect visual ergonomics of the employee at all times.

Products: TR Huge, Tr Down
Year of project: 2019
Designer: Josep Lluís Xuclà
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