Designed & made in Barcelona

Garden renovation project and construction of a stone base with a swimming pool for a detached house located in Barcelona, just below the Collserola mountain. If we ask you what sensations the images of the project produce or inspire in you, we will surely agree that it inspires calm, tranquility and a certain wellbeing…

From our studio we look for those shapes and materials that help us to create healthy and unique environments that exude naturalness and well-being. Our goal is to turn spaces into authentic transmitters of peace and happiness. But how do we achieve this? On the one hand, we are committed to climate change and we understand that today’s architecture cannot be anything other than bioclimatic and sustainable. In this particular project we have applied sustainability strategies in 3 different ways:

– with the choice of sustainable materials and light tones.

– the reuse and exploitation of materials to create new architectural elements.

– location of the “chill out” in relation to the shadow produced by the vegetation itself. The light gray porcelain stoneware of the base provides us with a certain freshness and avoids high thermal inertia that could increase the temperature and reduce the comfort of the terrace in summer.

Regarding the reuse of materials, we have taken advantage of the wood from the initial garden platform to turn it into an adjacent fence. In addition, we have also preserved an olive tree to place the “chill out” area next to it and thus protect it from the afternoon sun. These strategies are examples of how our studio addresses sustainability and responsibility, as well as commitment to our planet. At QART – Architecture we seek the balance of forms to live in harmony and balance. Everything that surrounds us on a physical level gives us good or bad energy. In this sense, architecture plays an important role in people’s well-being and, for this reason, we opt for pure geometries that inspire calm and materials with light tones that spread light and vitality.

Products: Focus Line Floor Spike, Focus Line IP65, Focus Line Magnet, Basic
Year of project: 2017
Designer: Qart Arquitectura
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