Designed & made in Barcelona

TR Custom – This project, carried out in a private home, has been designed by Josep Lluís Xuclà and custom-made by INSOLIT. The objective is to illuminate an entertainment room, which consists of a living room and a leisure area. We have tried to create an ideal environment for relaxation and entertainment, betting on a custom TR, installed parallel to the sofa with a semicircular design, to give a more ergonomic shape, without invading the space. Allowing to be part of the decoration in a casual but at the same time elegant way.

The custom-designed space and luminaire create a unique atmosphere that invites tranquility and disconnection. The luminaire with a direct light in a specific area seeks to create an intimate space for the client that by means of a soft light produces this sensation in the place.

The locally manufactured and handcrafted luminaire gives value to the design of the same, it gives the sensation of a floating element suspended in the air that gives spectacularity to the room, making that together with the values mentioned above, this product is considered a luxury product.

Products: TR Huge, Tr Down
Year of project: 2019
Designer: Josep Lluís Xuclà
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