Designed & made in Barcelona

Insolit develops and manufactures the luminaires designed by Adrià Muros for a private house in Andorra that create a starry effect in the main stairwell. The product is made of solid methacrylate bar turned and sandblasted. It contains a 3W LED in a threaded aluminum body that is anchored to the porcelain cladding with an easy-to-install metal nail system.

The design of these small luminaires is intended to be an exclusive and elegant element both when seen up close and when seen from afar. The situation of all of them, placed on the wall with a sought after and predetermined positioning, is designed to create the illusion of a starry sky, which, being reflected in all the windows of the place, transforms the atmosphere into a unique and special one in the interior of this particular house.

Year of project: 2019
Designer: Adrià Muros
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