Designed & made in Barcelona

The light as a reflection and “LA PERPI” as an element of the landscape. The project of the light “LA PERPI”, arises from the need to illuminate a space in the garden conditioned as a zoological nucleus, so for me it is important that the light is generated through the reflections, hence it is proposed to illuminate the garden always in an indirect, variable and above all in a grazing way, so as not to disturb the animals at night when they are sleeping. With this criterion it is proposed that, given that the space is very large, having to place numerous points of light, apart from the economic cost, this meant a night vision of too many points. This is why we propose a design that on the same support can have two different lighting points and with the possibility of punctuality, in order to reduce the number of points. To think “LA PERPI”. It was to think of an element located as a road sign, which would guarantee a flush illumination of the passage and a directional projector with 360º rotation and punctuality in variable angle, which made that we could direct the light to the places of interest, and thus not disturb the animals, therefore, we implemented a correct illumination through “variable reflections”. “LA PERPI” is a Landscape light because it is shown as a light source and allows a variability in its surroundings, reflected on trees or singular elements of interest, thus creating an atmosphere of the whole in a variable way depending on the seasons or the growth of the vegetation of moving spaces.

Martirià Figueras


Project designer: Martirià Figueras Product designer: Jordi Mallorquí

Products: Banus, Banus Twice
Year of project: 2013
Designer: Martirià Figueras
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